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Gaskets are primarily used to provide a tight seal between two surfaces or objects, but they can achieve much more than that.  The applications for gaskets are endless, and they are without a doubt a major factor in the performance of the end product.  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can be applied to most products.

Below is a list of Gaskets SRP custom fabricates everyday for customers in various industries:

Kapton Gasket

SRP's EMI gasket solutions are available to help you achieve your goal of electromagnetic interference shielding.

Our sponge and foam gasket fabrication services can include more than supplying you with the foam gasket you need.

High temperature gaskets and seals can be custom fabricated to your exact specifications and requirements.

Our PORON® gasket products are used in a number of industries for a variety of purposes related to gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.

Neoprene will resist degradation from sun, ozone and weather such as rain and snow.

Silicone Gasket

Silicone rubber gaskets are highly versatile and are used in many industries for many purposes.

At SRP, we work with a variety of thermal materials for manufacturing custom thermal gaskets.

Sealing Gaskets are ideal for waterproofing and dust sealing. 

Enclosure Gaskets are ideal for indoor / outdoor applications that require an environmental seal. 

Vibration Dampening Gaskets for applications needing vibration mitigation and absorption. 

Acoustical Gaskets are ideal for sound absorption and sound barrier protection. 

Porex Porous PTFE Materials offer excellent control over pore size, porosity, permeability, water intrusion pressure and thickness.