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Insulators + Isolators

Electrical Insulators and Isolators are essential in components where electricity is present.

Thermal insulators provide a reduction of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact.

Vibration Isolation and Shock Resistance are important aspects of durability in many applications.

Thermal Gap Pad provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices.

Formex® flame retardant materials provide superior electrical insulation and barrier materials for use in industrial and consumer electronic equipment.

Nomex® paper Type 410 is an insulation paper which offers high inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience.

Polyimide films are engineered for long-term performance at extreme temperatures between -450° F to over 500° F over extended periods of time. 

3M™ Polyimide Film Protection Tapes are engineered to provide reliable performance under high temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions.