Materials Overview


SRP specializes in non-metallic material for cushioning, sealing, insulating, filtering and shielding. We work with the latest and most sought after materials on the market. Our team specializes in strategically selecting and acquiring the optimal materials for your custom die-cutting and gasket fabrication projects. We are continually researching and evaluating new materials to ensure we have the best solution for your application.

Silicone Base PSA | SRP Co.

Silicone-based adhesive combines the flexibility of silicone rubber with the temperature resistance of silicone; offering the widest service temperature range of any adhesive.

Acrylic Base PSA | SRP Co.

Acrylic-based adhesives can be compounded to have a good balance of tack, peel and sheer, but are less effective on materials with low surface energy.

Rubber Base PSA | SRP Co.

Rubber-based adhesives are composed of natural or synthetic elastomers.

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