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SRP specializes in non-metallic material for cushioning, sealing, insulating, filtering and shielding. We work with the latest and most sought after materials on the market. Our team specializes in strategically selecting and acquiring the optimal materials for your custom die-cutting and gasket fabrication projects. We are continually researching and evaluating new materials to ensure we have the best solution for your application.

SRP custom fabricates a variety of Adhesives and Foam Tapes.


If your product requires Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing, SRP can laminate the raw materials before it is converted to the finished part. Our top of the line custom laminating system is the best in the industry. The majority of the products we make are custom fabricated with adhesive laminated to the substrate. There are three primary adhesive groups: Silicone, Acrylic, and Rubber based.

Foam Tapes are available in a variety of thicknesses, adhesives, carriers and sizes. Custom Foam tapes are designed to enhance the appearance and improve the overall performance of your product design. The benefits of using Custom Foam Tape include: Sealing, Cushioning, Vibration Damping, Impact Resistance, and withstands wide temperature ranges to bond to rough or irregular surfaces in permanent or repositionable applications.

We work directly with adhesive companies such as 3M, Avery, CCT, MacTac and Adchem. Our engineers will work with you to determine the best fit adhesive to your application.

Here is a list of specific Adhesives commonly used in our facility:

  • Silicone Based Adhesive
  • Acrylic Based Adhesive
  • Rubber Based Adhesive
  • Acrylic Foam Tape
  • Urethane Foam Tape
  • Polyethylene Foam Tape
  • Vinyl Foam Tape
  • 3M VHB Foam Tape
  • and more!

SRP provides creative die-cutting solutions through our extensive manufacturing capabilities. Adhesives and Foam Tapes can be converted to your exact specifications to create unique, performance-enhanced components that solve difficult application problems. Our experienced problem solvers will work with you to create the perfect solution.

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