3M™ Thermal Management


Take the heat off using 3M Thermal Management materials. Solutions to help keep your devices performing at their best.

Faster, smaller computers and mobile devices that put the world at users’ fingertips and in their pockets. Advanced LED lights that use less energy while making displays brighter than ever. Next-generation batteries that power the electric car revolution. What do all these advances have in common? None of them would be possible without effective technologies for managing heat.

Heat is an unavoidable byproduct of electronic device operation, and it can degrade performance and even damage components if allowed to build unchecked. To help your designs keep their cool, 3M has developed a full portfolio of thermal management materials with proven ability to absorb and redirect heat away from critical parts.

Our solutions include thermally conductive tapes and interface pads. All are based on decades of pioneering research and experience in thermal management technologies for consumer, medical, industrial and military electronics. And no matter your application, our experts are ready to help you solve your toughest thermal management challenges, with comprehensive support and time-tested knowledge.

3M offers Thermal Management materials including:

3M Thermal Management materials are designed to solve a wide range of heat related challenges, efficiently and economically:

Thermal ConductivityEffective transfer of heat from components to cooling devices and systems.
ConformabilityThe flexibility to place materials with precision and channel heat even in tight spaces.
Dielectric Strength Peace of mind that your materials will perform as intended without electrical interference or breakdown in insulating properties.
VersatilityThe ability to find the right solution for your specific application.
EfficiencyHelps in effective control of heat without adding bulk to your designs or complexity to your manufacturing processes.
Cost EffectivenessMore performance from less materials for a longer-lasting budget.


Light-weight, high-efficiency solutions for speeding assembly, improving device reliability and extending component life.

With their smart mix of properties including excellent thermal and electrical performance, versatility and cost effectiveness, 3M Thermal Management Materials can help you meet your toughest design challenges.

3M Thermally Conductive Interface Tapes

A full range of thin, highly conformable thermal interface and heat spreading tapes with high adhesion and excellent thermal conductivity. They apply quickly and easily, and their good dielectric strength make them appropriate for a wide variety of applications including bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders and other cooling devices to IC packages, power transistors and other heat generating components.

3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

Soft, conformable thermal interface pads with high thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. They can be die cut to fit individual applications, making them ideal for use in LEDs, automotive batteries, notebook thermal modules and more. All pads are UL listed and available in both silicone and acrylic varieties.

3M ThermaVolt Insulating Paper

3M ThermaVolt Insulating Paper has excellent thermal conductivity performance, which can increase the heat dissipation required in today’s high-efficiency electrical apparatus. The high thermal conductivity helps enable a transformer that has been designed with calendered meta-aramid to run cooler, or if the transformer is redesigned, to potentially reduce size, utilizing less conductor, resulting in a lower total transformer cost.

3M Flame Barrier FRB Series

The 3M Flame Barrier FRB Series is flexible insulation for OEM electrical flame barrier applications. The FRB Series products are made primarily of inorganic materials that are intrinsically flame retardant with good dielectric strength.


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