Battery Pads + Cushions


SRP is a leading provider of custom gaskets and components for a variety of bonding, attaching, and cushioning applications such as battery pads.

From mobile power sources for the military to lithium-ion batteries for HEVs, central to continued innovation in battery technology are issues of safety, reliability, durability, cost, and energy density. These forces lead to shrinking package design and more complex propulsion technologies, both of which present sealing and cushioning challenges. PORON® Urethanes and BISCO® Silicones are designed to reliably hold a consistent force, keeping battery cells aligned, sealed from dust and fluid, and isolated from the damaging effects of vibration. This is where battery pads and cushions come into play.

PORON® Polyurethane Battery Pad Technology (PDF)

Vibration Isolation

Batteries need to be packaged to absorb internal impact energy. PORON Urethane and BISCO Silicone foams’ Compression Set Resistance (C-set) withstands collapse due to the stresses of compression and temperature over time. This extends the life of the battery by continuing to seal and absorbing shock.

Environmental Seals

Sensitive electronics need to be packaged to withstand the elements and function in all environments. Safety can be a concern as severe damage is possible – electrical shock or explosion – if a battery pack is not properly sealed. Gaskets based on BISCO Silicones seal the interface where a battery is plugged into an electrical grid and provide exceptional UV resistance and cold temperature flexibility. PORON Urethanes offer an economical alternative.

High Temperatures, Flame Resistance

BISCO Silicones provide superb flame resistance and fire protection for wires, cables, and electronics; specialty versions can withstand extreme temperatures up to 1900 degrees F, and meet stringent industry flame tests such as UL94 V-0. Many PORON Urethane foams meet the flammability requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302.

Battery Pad Cushioning

Cushions/springs used inside a battery pack hold components firmly in place and, if needed, firmly in contact with each other. PORON Urethane foams have a unique ability to produce a very consistent level of force across a range of compressions. This allows the designed to predict the material’s behavior across varied dimensional tolerances.


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