Bonding + Attaching + Assembly


SRP is a Leading Provider of Custom Gaskets and Components for a Variety of Bonding, Attaching, Assembly Applications

From repositionable to permanent, we work with adhesives and tapes that can be readily matched to the substrate and stress characteristics needed in the joint. The relationships we have developed with adhesive tape material suppliers have allowed us to be able provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective solutions to many applications.

Our custom adhesive and tape components can provide many solutions to countless applications for bonding, attaching, assembly using an array of different types of materials. Some of these solutions and benefits are listed below.

Replace Mechanical Fasteners

Speed up your overall assembly process and improve product aesthetics and strength by replacing mechanical fasteners with converted adhesive products. This not only speeds up the assembly process, but makes products more economical by reducing weight without affecting the performance.

Join Dissimilar Materials

These materials bond to a wide range of substrates from metals, wood, glass, plastics and ceramics. This includes “hard to bond,” low surface energy materials.

Increase Speed and Productivity

Reduce process steps such as weld grinding and sealing individual penetrations from screws, nuts and bolts. Many tape and adhesive technologies require little operator training, reducing labor costs.

Improve appearance and aesthetics

Adhesives and tapes are generally hidden between the bonded substrates, offering nearly invisible fastening. Surfaces stay smooth and clean for a more attractive appearance and less surface refinishing.


SRP: Custom Gasket Fabrication Services Since 1951

From specs and consultation, to design, engineering, and delivery. SRP delivers cost-effective solutions-on time-to your specifications. Our company strives to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for a variety of applications. Our capabilities allow us to help our customers with anything from design assistance to prototyping through production and beyond. SRP has over 65 years of experience in the custom die-cutting and converting industry.