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SRP is a Leading Provider of Custom Display Gaskets and Components for a Variety of Display Protection Applications

Portable handheld devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops have become increasingly popular for people of all ages. Within the past few years, the upward trend is moving towards thinner devices with larger displays or screens, not to mention heftier price tags with the upgraded technologies.Protecting these displays becomes a difficult challenge for manufacturers as the shift for materials are going from materials like plastic to glass. Portable devices are commonly dropped, it happens to every user at some point or another, accidents happen. There is nothing worse than trying to use these devices with a cracked or shattered screen.

Luckily, material suppliers are manufacturing cutting edge, thin materials to combat these issues to protect our everyday devices, while making sure they keep the product looking sharp.  High performance foams are great for absorbing and distributing impact energy to prevent our favorite devices from breaking. SRP can fabricate a variety of thin materials into custom display gaskets that will fit perfectly into these portable device applications.

As the demand for thinner, larger and more expensive LCD displays continues to grow, designers and manufacturers face new challenges with these increasingly complex technologies.

PORON ShockSeal™ foams are specifically engineered to meet the challenging cushioning, sealing and protection requirements that larger displays demand. PORON ShockSeal™ foam is available as thin as 0.5 mm, and it conveniently conforms to some of the smallest and most intricate manufacturing designs.


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