Filtering + Venting


SRP Custom Fabricates Filter Gaskets, Seals, and Enclosures for a Variety of Filtering and Venting Applications

Filtering materials are an excellent solution for separating particles and contaminants from air, liquid, and gas. We provide Filtering solutions using Foams & Fabrics for Dust Control, Die-Cut Filter Foam, and Membrane Materials.

We work with various venting materials for purposes such as thermal management for electrical components to prevent them from overheating by creating a breathable seal, which allows heat to escape without the need for external vents. Solutions such as this allow for more safety and longevity of the component.

Protecting Electronics Using Porex PTFE Filter Gaskets

To protect the electronics from dirt and water, the components are sealed in aplastic housing. As the electronics get hot, the air in this box expands. If the box is not vented it could split, allowing moisture and dirt in, damaging a vital part of the vehicle.

The addition of a porous PTFE membrane vent:

  • Prevents contaminants from entering into the electronics.
  • Prevents the housing from splitting
  • Resistance to wiper fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant due to oleophobic coating
  • Allows the housing to breathe
  • Provides High Temperature Resistance for under hood applications.

Porex Lighting Components enable lighting to be designed to withstand the elements throughout the product lifetime.

Pressure Compensation Vents

  • Lighting designed for outdoor use must function properly in temperature, weather, and debris contact extremes.
  • Porex microporous PTFE breathable membranes offer high water intrusion pressure resistance and high temperature use.
  • Will keep dust and moisture out while allowing air to flow

Thermal Venting Solutions

  • Strategically located porous panels can facilitate natural convection to enhance cooling while keeping contaminants out.

Applications for Filter gaskets include:

  • Speaker Gaskets
  • Handheld Testing Devices
  • Air Duct Filters
  • Small Electronic Gaskets
  • Oil Filters
  • Battery Vents
  • Sensor Vents
  • Fluid Cap Vents


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