LED Lighting


Manufacturing Custom Weather Seals, Enclosure Gaskets, Bezel Gaskets, and Thermal Interface Pads for the LED Lighting Industry

SRP is a leading provider of indoor and outdoor LED gaskets and thermal pads to the LED lighting industry. We manufacture custom converted components to withstand weather conditions and excessive heat to extend the life and performance of LED Lighting applications.

SRP’s manufactures custom components for LED applications including:

LED Weather Seals

Outdoor applications must have the ability to withstand outdoor weather conditions to protect a product from things such as wind, rain and snow. Not only that, but they have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures that come with the summer heat and winter chill.

By using specific materials and adhesives, SRP can create custom solutions to solve even the most challenging outdoor applications. These gaskets and seals require high performance, long term compression set resistance, and the ability to combat weather to keep the inside of the product dry, clean, and cool.

LED Enclosure Gaskets

Enclosure gaskets are used to seal off the electrical housing to provide protection for the LED lighting system. Similar to the weather seal, these gaskets are designed to withstand weather, water, and dust to preserve the mechanical system.

We have custom fabricated a variety of enclosure gaskets for customers including: electrical enclosure gaskets, NEMA Enclosure gaskets, IP and UL gaskets, and standard enclosure door gaskets for both indoor and outdoor applications. These gaskets are placed inside enclosure boxes, doors, cabinets, and covers to provide a sealing barrier.

Depending on the application, there are a variety of materials that can be used to create the perfect solution for your project. Our components provide high-performance compression set resistance to withstand the life of the product. Urethane foam, silicone foam, and closed cell sponge rubber materials are ideal for these types of applications. SRP can provide Pressure Sensitive Adhesives on these materials as well.

LED Bezel Gaskets

Bezel gaskets are used in outdoor LED lighting applications to surround and protect each LED bulb within the fixture from rain, snow, and dust. Since the bezel gasket is almost in direct contact with the bulb, high temperature materials such as silicone foam and sponge must be used to protect from the heat. These materials have excellent sealing properties, and excellent compression set resistance that is sure to withstand the life of the LED fixture.

LED Thermal Interface Pads

Since LED lighting applications deal with electronic fixtures and light bulbs, heat buildup can occur and cause damage to the unit, significantly reducing the life of LED lighting units. To reduce heat buildup within these applications, thermal pads are designed to pull heat away from the high heat areas such as the heat sinks.

SRP can custom fabricate thermal pads using materials from manufacturers like 3M and Bergquist to provide a custom fitting component to properly cool heat sink areas, and last for the life of the unit. We have many years of experience die-cutting thermal pads, and can be made to your exact specifications.


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