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Surface Protection


SRP is a leading provider of custom gaskets and components for a variety of surface protection applications using 3M protective tapes and films

As a manufacturer, your reputation depends on your ability to protect your product during processing, shipping, installation, and exposure to UV. To meet your needs, 3M has a full line of customized protective tapes to ensure that you deliver perfection to your customers in the 3M adhesive tapes line.

With superior puncture resistance and exceptional elongation, 3M™ High Performance Films are an excellent choice for surfaces that need to be formed, bent or corrugated after applying protective tape. Enhanced elongation allows the film to remain on the surface through many forming processes. Greater abrasion resistance for a more conformable, easier to apply alternative to thicker-gauge tapes

Metals, glass and other high value surfaces can be easily scratched and damaged during processing and shipping causing unnecessary costs and delays. 3M™ Polyethylene Protective Tapes provide low cost protection to help manufactures improve yields and deliver high quality to their customers.

When products have extended exposure to sun, rely on 3M™ UV Tapes to protect products from scratches and abrasions while allowing for clean removal from the surface.

Protecting automotive exteriors from damage and dirt, whether in the plant, or in transit, is critical during the customer process. 3M offers a broad line of protective tapes for paint, wheels, glass and mirrors so your products look as perfect on the sales lot as on the factory floor.

As production lines speed up, assemblers don’t have time to work around finished components or rework parts. 3M protective tapes allow workers to finish jobs quickly and efficiently without worrying about scratches, nicks and smudges.

From specs and consultation, to design, engineering, and delivery. SRP delivers cost-effective solutions-on time-to your specifications. Our company strives to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for a variety of applications. Our capabilities allow us to help our customers with anything from design assistance to prototyping through production and beyond. SRP has over 65 years of experience in the custom die-cutting and converting industry, and is a Preferred Convertor for 3M.