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Thermal Management


The market for electrical devices is becoming very competitive. The technologies for these products are getting smaller and smarter. But, as the industry grows, so do we.  SRP can convert Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) to our customer’s specifications and can create solutions for success for many Thermal Management applications. Our history of converting TIMs include: Thermal Interface Gaskets, Thermal Gap Pads, and Thermal Filler Pads.

Thermal Interface Gaskets

Thermal Tapes are used to offer bonding strength and efficient heat dissipation for applications such as custom Thermal Interface Gaskets for the electronics, HVAC, Industrial, Appliance, and Lighting industries. Common applications using Thermal Tapes include: heat sink mounting in electronics, heat dissipation in LED lighting, and insulation for various appliances. Thermal Tapes provide excellent long-term reliability, electrical insulation and flame retardant performance. Thermal Transfer Tapes are available in a variety of thicknesses to meet your most challenging thermal applications.

Thermal Gap Pads / Filler Pads

Gap Pads / Fillers provide an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices where uneven surface structure, air gaps and rough surface textures are present.  Gap Pads / Fillers provide an elimination of air gaps to reduce thermal resistance, conformability to reduce bonding resistance, and low stress vibration dampening. These key features are critical for most thermal management applications. No matter the size of the application, Gap Pads are an essential component to reducing heat in components to make them more perform greater, and more efficiently.

Thermal Management Applications include:

  • Battery Management
  • Flex Bonding
  • Heat Sink Interface attachment
  • LED Lighting Thermal Management
  • Thermal Interface Damping
  • Thermal Interface Cushioning
  • Thermal Gap Pads
  • Touch Panel Bonding
  • Bezel Bonding
  • And More!

SRP‘s dedicated team of engineers are ready to assist you with your next project and provide you with the expertise and quality materials for parts and components that meet your exact specifications.