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Butyl Rubber


SRP is a leading converter of sheet rubber materials such as butyl rubber. We manufacture high-quality custom Butyl gaskets, seals, and other products for a variety applications and industries to companies around the world.

Butyl (also known as Isobutylene-isoprene) is impermeable to air and used in many applications requiring airtight seals. Butyl rubber has outstanding resistance to:

  • Gases
  • Vapors
  • Heat aging
  • Oxygen
  • Ozone
  • Sunlight
  • Abrasion
  • and Tearing

Butyl rubber also has excellent resistance to alkalis and acids and is good for electrical insulation. It has a temperature range of -49°F to + 302°F. Butyl Rubber has a very low resilience, which makes it ideal for vibration damping and shock absorption applications, but offers only a moderate resistance to abrasion and compression. All butyl sheet rubber products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.

We provide our customers with everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need.

Butyl rubber is available in the following formulations:

Durometer Thickness Width Tensile PSI Ultimate Elongation % Temperature Range Specifications
40 1/32 – 1/4 36, 48 1100 550 -40°F to +180°F ASTM D 2000
50 1/32 – 1/4 36, 48 1100 400 -40°F to +180°F ASTM D 2000
60 1/32 – 1/4 36, 48 1100 300 -40°F to +180°F ASTM D 2000
70 1/32 – 1/4 36, 48 1500 250 -40°F to +180°F ASTM D 2000


For more information you can reach SRP at info@srpco.com or 847-593-5630. SRP stocks a wide variety of different types of sheet rubber. If you are unsure of the type of sheet rubber needed for your application, we will be able to steer you in the right direction. For more information on these materials, visit our dedicated sheet rubber page.