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Norseal® Silicone Rubber Gaskets


A Quality Norseal® Silicone Rubber Gaskets Supplier

SRP can provide custom converted Norseal® (formerly COHRlastic®) silicone rubber gaskets to various industries. Norseal® silicone rubber gaskets can be manufactured and supplied in a variety of different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and densities. SRP can custom laminate tapes to Norseal® silicone rubber materials to create an adhesive backed component for a part that requires adhesion to various surfaces.

Norseal® silicone rubber is a line of high performance silicone materials from Saint Gobain. Their unique chemical structure gives them a high temperature stability and general inertness.  SRP can custom fabricate Norseal® silicone rubber gaskets to our customer’s exact specifications for the perfect gaskets, seals, pads, and other products.

Norseal® materials are perfect for applications requiring gasketing, cushioning, sealing, insulating, and vibration dampening. Silicone rubber is known for its resistance to extreme temperatures, UV, and ozone. Silicone rubber is extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue, and has excellent compression set and creep resistance. Silicone rubber will meet some of the most stringent flame ratings, with excellent performance under some of the most extreme conditions. Norseal® silicone rubber is one of the most well known silicone materials in the converter market.

Norseal® silicone rubber gaskets can be manufactured from the following product lines:

  • Norseal® 9030-9070 – specification grade yard goods
  • Norseal® 9235 -9275 – high-performance grade (high tear strength resistant grade)
  • Norseal® EC102 – electrically conductive grade

The Norseal® silicone solid rubber line includes specification grade, high-performance grade and electrically conductive grade products. Products range in thicknesses from .012” (.031mm) to .500” (12.7mm) in durometer, hardness from 30-70 on the Shore A scale. Materials are provided in both flat sheet stock size 36”x36” (914mm x 914mm) and flat yard goods in 36” (914mm) continuous length rolls. Temperature ratings generally range between -100°F to + 500°F (-73°C to + 260°C).

Often referred to as red rubber because the earliest offerings were all red in color, Norseal silicone solid rubber also comes in clear, gray, black and green, with minimum quantity restrictions. Many Norseal silicone solid materials meet the most popular solid rubber specifications, including ZZR-765 and A-A-59588 (ZZR-765 is now a listing within A-A-59588).

  • Environmental  gasketing
  • Release material for packaging and composite molding
  • Laboratory equipment and chemical gasketing
  • ESD protection curtains
  • Vibration damping and cushioning
  • Post cured products – clean low out-gassing products in application
  • Can be fabricated into gaskets and cushion pads = ease of application
  • Can be supplied with either silicone or acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for ease of application
  • Excellent compression set resistance – quick recovery in gasketing applications
  • Excellent long-term aging properties – gasket reliability often outlasts final product
  • Weather, moisture, ozone, UV and fungus resistant – perfect gasketing material for outdoor applications
  • EC-102 is electrically conductive for static bleeding and ESD protection

We provide application solutions for gasketing, cushioning, sealing, protecting, shielding and more! We can supply samples of materials and run quick prototyping if any material or part testing is required. Design assistance is also available to ensure the proper materials are being used per the application.

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We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need. All Norseal® silicone rubber gaskets products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. For more information regarding this material, visit our Norseal® silicone sheet rubber page.