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Norseal® Silicone Sponge Gaskets


Norseal® Silicone Sponge Gaskets

SRP has been providing custom converted Norseal® (formally COHRlastic®) Silicone Sponge products to various industries for many years. Norseal® Silicone Sponge gaskets can be manufactured and supplied in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. SRP can custom laminate tapes to Norseal® Silicone Sponge materials to create an adhesive backed component for a part that requires adhesion to various surfaces.

Why Use Norseal® Silicone Sponge?

Norseal® Silicone Sponge gaskets are primarily used for applications where high performance is an absolute requirement. Specific applications include products such as printed circuit boards and fiber optics equipment. The unique chemical makeup in these materials offer high temperature stability up and chemical inertness.

Depending on the specific material formulation, Norseal® Silicone Sponge Gaskets offer key attributes such as:

  • Excellent solvent and high temperature resistance
  • Flame retardant UL V-0
  • Flame retardant UL 94HBF
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Low Levels of Toxicity and Smoke Generation
  • Lightweight

The Norseal® full line of closed cell expanded silicone sponge rubber for a variety of gasketing, cushioning, insulating and protective applications, over a wide temperature and environmental range. Our experts can help you chose the proper product for your requirements, including formulations designed for general gasketing, flame retardant cushions, specification grade, solvent resistant gaskets and weather seals.

Key benefits of the closed cell sponge include thermal stability over a wide temperature range, excellent compression set resistance, ozone and UV resistance. Saint-Gobain subjects all of their closed cell sponge products to a special final cleaning process that lowers the material out gassing for cleaner operation.

Product Range

  • Norseal R10470 –  general purpose fits most applications, medium and firm grades
  • Norseal R10480 – low compression set resistance formula, soft and medium grades
  • Norseal R10460 – low compression set resistance formula, flame retardant UL 94 HB medium grade
  • Norseal R10450 – fiber glass supported, provides dimensional stability, medium grade
  • Norseal R10404 – thermally conductive grade ThermaCool product for heat and cold transfer
  • Norseal R10490 – fluorosilicone grade for high temperature and solvent resistance
  • Norseal R10400 – new flame retardant UL 94 V-0 medium grade


  • Wide temperature range, from -100°F to + 500°F  (-73°C to + 260°C)
  • Superior mechanical properties than competitive products for higher strength applications
  • Various firmness available to match compression deflection forces of gasketing requirements
  • Ozone and UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Uniform closed cell structure for dust, moisture and weather tight seals
  • Can be supplied with either silicone or acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for ease of application
  • Post-cured  – low out-gassing for clean gasketing and sealing
  • New UL 94 V-0 (R-10404) flame retardant versions available
  • Products designed to meet numerous customer, government and military specifications


  • Press relief pads
  • Environmental cushioning and gasketing
  • Insulating materials
  • Vibration damping
  • Fire and smoke blocking
  • Oven seals
  • Electric meters

If you are unsure as to whether or not this material would be a good fit for your specific application, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. One of our sales engineers will gladly help guide you in the right direction to ensuring you are getting what you need.

We provide application solutions for gasketing, cushioning, sealing, protecting, shielding and more! We can supply samples of materials and run quick prototyping if any material or part testing is required. Design assistance is also available to ensure the proper materials are being used per the application.

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We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need. All Norseal® Silicone Sponge gaskets products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. For more information regarding this material, visit our Norseal® Silicone Sponge materials page.