Converting Materials for Face Shields

Safety products are currently in high demand, especially when it comes to products that cover our face, nose and mouth.

It is crucial that we continue to keep up with demand in order to keep our front-line personnel and others supplied with the proper safety and protection.

The full-face shields that are currently being produced are largely using PET (polyester) films for their superior optical, physical, mechanical, and thermal properties, and most importantly, their ability to shield against fluids, liquids and chemicals.

Below is a list of materials that we recommend using for shields:
  • 3M High Clarity Polyester Film
  • Melinex® Polyester Films
  • Mylar® Polyester Films

For the cushion that goes between the shield and the user’s face, there are a variety of soft elastomers to choose from. It is important to note that the material should be thick enough to allow enough space for users to wear safety glasses and a face mask for optimum protection (.750” – 1.00”). We also recommend a product with a smooth surface for comfortability. All cushion materials can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing for easy application to the PET.

Below is a list of materials that we recommend using for shield cushions:
  • PORON Polyurethane Foam
  • Armaflex AP Foam (Anti-Microbial)
  • Gaska Tape V710 PVC Foam
  • Gaska Tape V810 PVC Foam

SRP has long-standing relationships with the suppliers of these materials. Depending on their availability, we can acquire these materials and convert them in a timely fashion.

Although we are going through difficult times, it is positive to see manufactures and suppliers band together to assist in helping those that need it most.