Display Gaskets


SRP Manufactures Custom Display Gaskets, Touchscreen Gaskets and LCD Gaskets for Various Applications in the Electronics Industry.

As the demand for electronics turn towards becoming thinner, lighter, and wider, designers and engineers are continually looking to find the best solutions to create a high-quality product for end users. Display Gaskets, Touchscreen Gaskets and LCD Gaskets are used for their ability to seal and prevent the ingress of water and other contaminants such as dust and debris from entering electronics. However, these gaskets can solve much more than just sealing, they can be used for cushioning, gap filling, shock absorption and vibration control.


  • Electrical enclosure gaskets protect sensitive electronics and seal out air, water, dust, light, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Gaskets, Seals and Heat Shields must be resistant to the indoor and outdoor elements, temperature extremes and meet industry regulations.

Cushioning/Gap Filling

  • Compression distribution and compression set resistance is a major feature when designing Touchscreen Gaskets and Display Gaskets.
  • Seals commonly fail due to environmental exposure through consumer abuse, deterioration, stiffening, and inability to rebound after being compressed.
  • We can provide gaskets that are highly compressible and conformable, effectively sealing out dust, water, and other contaminates for the life of the product.

Shock Absorption/Vibration Control

  • Vibration in a product can be caused by friction or impact, on top of other factors including temperature, humidity, product age, and load environment.
  • Gaskets provide excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), and exhibit high resiliency, good vibration damping, and impact absorption that will help protect both internal and external components from being damaged.

Material Selection

When it comes material selection, engineers are using thinner, lighter, softer, and more compressible foam materials to solve sealing and cushioning challenges in Display Gaskets. As designs evolve, requirements often change – higher temperatures, waterproofing, drop tests. Selecting the right material is imperative to the gasket design and function.

Common materials used for Touchscreen Gaskets, Display Gaskets and LCD Gaskets:

Typical applications for Touchscreen Gaskets, Display Gaskets and LCD Gaskets:

  • Vending Machines
  • Information Kiosks
  • ATM Machines
  • Handheld Devices
  • Televisions and Computers

Designing the perfect Touchscreen Gaskets, Display Gaskets, LCD Gaskets

SRP’s Sales Engineers will work together with your design team to help choose the right materials for your application.

Questions to consider:

  • Adhesion properties – What is the gasket sticking to?
  • Thickness – What thickness do you require?
  • Temperature capabilities – What temperature range is needed?
  • Weather – Will the gasket be exposed to outdoor elements?
  • Special properties – Electrically/thermally conductive, flame retardant?
  • Assembly – Will the gasket require dimensional stability to prevent stretching?
  • Testing – Does the product need to pass electrical or wash out testing?
  • Cost – We will be sure to offer the most cost-effective solution within spec.

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We provide our customers with everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need. All sheet rubber gaskets products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Many of these materials meet industry specs for the military, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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