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Fluoroelastomer Rubber


SRP is a leading converter of sheet rubber materials such as fluoroelastomer rubber. We manufacture high-quality custom fluoroelastomer rubber gaskets, seals, and other products for a variety applications and industries to companies around the world.

Fluoroelastomer rubber was originally introduced over 50 years ago to meet the needs of the aerospace industry for a high-performance elastomer. Since then, the use of fluoroelastomers has spread quickly to many other industries, including the automotive, oil, fluid power, appliance and chemical industries and has developed a reputation for its outstanding performance in very hot and extremely corrosive environments.

Fluoroelastomers are particularly valued for their excellent heat stability and resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals. All Viton™ fluoroelastomer sheet rubber products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.

Viton™ Sheet Rubber Products Include:

  • Commercial Viton™ A
  • Commercial Brown Viton™ A
  • Premium Viton™ A
  • Premium Viton™ B
  • FDA Viton™ A
  • Mil-Spec Viton™ A

Viton™ A exhibits a broad range of resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids. It has very good resistance to many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids that act as solvents for many other rubbers. Exceptionally good compression set attributes even at temperatures that can embrittle other non-fluorinated elastomers. It also exhibits good resistance to atmospheric oxidation, sun, and weather, and has excellent resistance to fungus and mold.  Viton™ A can also be supplied with military spec requirements.

Viton™ B has greater resistance and retains flexibility better after dry heat aging than Viton™ A. It is recommended for applications requiring maximum retention of elastic properties combined with good mechanical properties. Viton™ B offers superior resistance to both diluted and concentrated aggressive acids.

FDA Viton™ A is well suited for food and lab applications where FDA compliance is required. This material has good chemical resistance, high temperature properties and is resistant to corrosives. Safe to use for repeated food exposure. Made with 100% virgin Viton™ fluoroelastomer.

Fluoroelastomer sheet Rubber is available in the following formulations:

Polymer Durometer Specifications
Fluorozone® Premium Performance FKM 75
Commercial Viton™ A 70 -75
Fluorozone® Brown Premium Performance FKM 75
Commercial Brown Viton™ A 75
Fluorozone® Mil-Spec Performance FKM 75 AMS 3216, MIL-R-83248
Mil-Spec Viton™ A 75 AMS 3216G, MIL-R-83248C Type II Class 1
Fluorozone® FDA Performance FKM 60, 75 FDA Approved
FDA Viton™ A 75 FDA Approved
Premium Viton™ A 60 – 80 ASTM M1HK
Premium Viton™ B 70 – 75 ASTM M1HK


For more information, you can reach SRP at info@srpco.com or 847-593-5630. SRP stocks a wide variety of different types of sheet rubber. If you are unsure of the type of sheet rubber needed for your application, we will be happy to have a conversation to get to know the product these parts will be going into so we can steer you in the right direction. For more information on these materials, visit our dedicated sheet rubber page.