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Rubber Gaskets

Custom Rubber Gaskets

Manufacturing Custom Rubber Gaskets Since 1951 Manufacturing custom rubber gaskets is the business SRP was built on back in 1951. We have been converting sheet rubber into gaskets, seals, washers, pads, strips, you name it for over 65 years. The…

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Foam Gaskets

Custom Foam Gaskets

Do you need a resource for custom foam gaskets fabrications? SRP offers gaskets, seals, pads, and more. When it comes to foam gasket options, we have an excellent reputation in a variety of industries and are known specialists for helping…

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Sponge Gaskets

Custom Sponge Gaskets

SRP has been manufacturing custom closed cell sponge gaskets for a variety of industries and applications for a number of decades. We commonly stock many of these materials as they are very popular for gaskets and seals for applications requiring…

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Custom BISCO® Silicone Gaskets

Custom BISCO® Silicone Gaskets Offer Superior Performance To High-Quality Applications SRP has been providing custom converted Custom BISCO® Silicone products to various industries for many years. Custom BISCO® Silicone gaskets can be manufactured and supplied in a variety of different…

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PORON Gaskets

Custom Poron® Gaskets

Rogers Corporation manufactures PORON microcellular urethane foams for the communications, automotive and electronics industries and other manufacturers of industrial equipment and devices. If you are in need of a resource for PORON gaskets fabrication, look no further than SRP. Being a Preferred…

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Sponge Gaskets

Custom Silicone Gaskets

A Quality Silicone Gaskets Supplier Silicone gaskets are highly versatile and are used in many industries for many purposes. Silicone rubber gaskets are resistant to extreme temperatures, UV and ozone, extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue, have excellent compression set resistance,…

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Sealing Gaskets

Custom Sealing Gaskets

If your application requires a tight seal, than look no further than SRP to be your custom sealing gaskets provider. We work with a variety of flexible materials for any application. Whether your application needs to provide a seal against…

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High Temperature Gasket

Custom High Temperature Gaskets

SRP offers custom high temperature gasket materials that will undoubtedly meet any customer’s needs, no matter how demanding the application is. For years, we have helped our customers create successful high temperature gasket parts and components for a variety of…

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Thermal Gaskets

Custom Thermal Gaskets

Quality Thermal Gaskets At SRP, we work with a variety of thermal materials for manufacturing custom thermal gaskets. These gaskets serve a variety of businesses, particularly in the electronics, lighting, HVAC, and appliance industries. Thermal interface gaskets are exceptionally helpful…

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Vibration dampening gaskets

Custom Vibration Dampening Gaskets

Vibration dampening gaskets are crucial in various products large or small. From giant HVAC units with large running parts down to handheld cell phones to prevent internal components from breaking. Gaskets are primarily used to provide a tight seal between…

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Enclosure Gasket

Custom Electrical Enclosure Gaskets

The function of industrial electrical enclosure gaskets is to safeguard electronic components against dust, moisture, liquids, and rain. Electrical enclosure gaskets are ideal for applications that require a seal to protect the internal components of many electronic products. Gaskets are…

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EMI Gasket

Custom EMI Gaskets

SRP's custom EMI gasket solutions are available to help you achieve your goal of electromagnetic interference shielding. SRP's EMI gasket options serve a variety of industries, including lighting, appliance, automotive, aerospace, and general industrial machinery. The need for electromagnetic interference…

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Custom Porex PTFE Gaskets

Why Choose POREX PTFE Materials? Porex PTFE Materials offer excellent control over pore size, porosity, permeability, water intrusion pressure and thickness. Designed to help deliver precision, accuracy and reliability, Porex PTFE Materials exemplify the critical design standards required in many…

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