Adhesive Backed Gaskets

Adhesive backed gaskets can be supplied as individual parts, or kiss cut to the adhesive liner and supplied on a roll. This allows the parts to be easily peeled off the liner, allowing assemblers t

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  • Adhesion properties – What is the gasket sticking to?
  • Temperature capabilities – What temperature range is required?
  • Chemical compatibility – Will the gasket be exposed to any chemicals?
  • UV resistance – Will the gasket be exposed to outdoor elements?
  • Special properties – Electrically/thermally conductive, flame retardant?
  • Cost
  • Attach gaskets to a variety of substrates including metal, plastic, glass, wood and more.
  • Peel and stick for quicker assembly times.
  • Gasket Positioning
  • Adds Dimensional Stability
  • Can be supplied as kiss-cut gaskets on a roll for even quicker assembly.
  • Mounting displays, signs, posters, mirrors, name-plates.


How You Can Use Adhesive Backed Gaskets:

  • 3M 467MP

  • 3M 468MP

  • 3M 9495MP

  • 3M 9492MP

  • 3M 9775WL

  • 3M 9471LE

  • 3M 9472LE

  • 3M 9490LE

  • 3M 9653LE

  • 3M 9713

  • 3M 9719

  • 3M VHB F9469PC

  • Adchem 256M

  • Avery EZ-8

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