BISCO® BF-1000 Silicone Foam

BISCO BF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular Silicone is a highly flame resistant material, ideal for sealing outdoor enclosures, protecting electronics from shock and heat and providing cushioning and vibrat

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  • Available Thickness - 0.0125″ – .500″
  • Typical Density - 10 lb/ft3
  • CFD Range - 2.5 psi Max
  • Specifications - UL94 V-0 and HF-1, ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662, SMP-800C
  • Grade - Extra-Soft Silicone Foam
  • Excellent memory and low stress relaxation reduces maintenance costs associated with gasket failures due to compression set and softening.
  • Softness allows designers to use less force to seal enclosures and still protect their device from the environment.
  • High compressibility allows the material to conform to variable width gaps and awkward shapes, thereby allowing engineers more design flexibility.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet light, ozone, extreme temperatures, and flame enables consistent performance in all environments.
  • Available through distribution sites throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • FDA compliant

How You Can Use BISCO® BF-1000 Silicone Foam:

  • Environmental seals to protect against penetration of dust, moisture, air or light within outdoor enclosures such as lighting fixtures, HVAC units, and electronic cabinets
  • Vibration management in electronic components and transportation vehicles
  • Fire retardant thermal insulation
  • Gap Filling
  • LCD Gaskets
  • Shock Absorption

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