Electrical Enclosure Gaskets

Electrical enclosure gaskets will provide a tight seal for both indoor and outdoor applications. For indoor applications, a gasket can seal against dust, debris, and moisture. Outdoor seals are com

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  • Compression Set Resistance
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Flame Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Environmental Sealing
  • Gap Filling
  • Eliminating potential maintenance and replacement gasket costs
  • Maintaining enclosure rating (UL specific)
  • Preserving electrical components within the enclosure
  • Preventing indirect damage to the systems controlled by damaged components
  • Reputation of the enclosure manufacturer


  • Temperature exposure: What temperature will the material reach and for how long?
  • UV/Ozone resistance: Will the material be directly exposed?
  • Flame resistance: Flame rating requirements such as UL-V0, UL-HBF, or MVSS-302
  • Chemical resistance: Will the material contact chemicals or fluids?
  • Outgassing: Could material outgassing be detrimental to components?
  • Gap spacing: What is the thickness range of the gap?
  • Gasket size: Are there limitations on gasket format (die-cut vs. stripping)?
  • Gasket function: Sealing liquids, solids or air; mitigate shock or vibration, etc.
  • Color: Identify standard and nonstandard offerings
  • Budgetary considerations: Understand cost vs. performance

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