PORON EVExtend Battery Pads

SRP has been a Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation’s PORON Polyurethane materials since 1999, including PORON EVExtend Battery Pads. PORON EVExtend battery pad material is the latest advancement in protecting and extending battery life. Designed to address the unique challenges of Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle batteries, PORON EVExtend outperforms other battery pad solutions on the market, offering superior levels of reliability and long-term durability.
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  • Thickness range of .039 to .118 in (1 to 3 mm)
  • Flat Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curve
  • Tight specification of 5% on compression set (per ASTM D3574 at 70⁰C)
  • PORON EvExtend maintains constant pushback force, allowing designers to meet both beginning and end of life limits despite pouch expansion
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • Maintains original thickness and properties throughout the life of the battery

SRP Is A Preferred Converter Of PORON EVExtend Battery Pads