Custom Poron® Gaskets

Rogers Corporation manufactures PORON microcellular urethane foams for the communications, automotive and electronics industries and other manufacturers of industrial equipment and devices.

If you are in need of a resource for PORON gaskets fabrication, look no further than SRP. Being a Preferred Convertor for Rogers, we are a company who can help you with your PORON gasket needs and beyond. Our capabilities allow us to work with our customers from the design stage, to material sampling, product prototyping, through manufacturing and beyond.



We have extensive material data sheets detailing PORON foams that SRP has to offer, and would be pleased to talk to you about your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions. SRP stocks material samples from the entire PORON line of materials. We would be more than happy to send your company a sample today.

SRP: Excellence in PORON Gaskets Solutions

Our PORON gasket products are used in a number of industries for a variety of purposes related to gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.

PORON offers excellent compression set resistance, which enables durable, long-term performance. Other benefits include low-outgassing and non-fogging, which means the material contains no plasticizers or residual chemicals. The material will not become brittle and crumble, and is non-corrosive to metal. PORON has good chemical resistance, it’s easy to fabricate, die-cuts cleanly, and works with a broad range of adhesives

Why Choose SRP as Your PORON Gaskets Resource?

Contact us for your non-metallic custom fabrication and die-cutting needs. SRP has been in business since 1951 and we have a reputation for excellent customer service and unsurpassed quality. In addition to PORON2 gaskets, you can find out about our other products, including: neoprene gaskets, silicone rubber gaskets, EMI gaskets, thermal gaskets, and the list goes on. We serve a number of industries, including: appliance, electronics, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and many more.


SRP: A Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter

SRP is proud to be a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter for their line of PORON® Polyurethane and BISCO® Silicone materials. We provide distribution and converting of these materials to various industries and customers around the world. Being a Preferred Converter for Rogers provides us access to all Rogers materials, with the added benefit of discounts and favorable lead times. SRP converts these materials in custom gaskets, seals, pads and stripping. All products can be laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.