PORON Polyurethane Gaskets

PORON Polyurethane open cell rubber foam provides durable, long-term performance in industrial and other applications. Used in gasketing, sealing, cushioning and vibration management, PORON materials are available in a range of Compression Force Deflections (CFD) and thicknesses to meet your design requirements. PORON is designed to stand up to extreme environments, including heat, vibration, dust, dirt and shock. For decades, SRP has provided custom converted PORON Polyurethane foam gaskets and seals to various industries.
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  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to fabricate, die-cuts cleanly and works with a broad range of adhesives
  • Superior sales and technical support
  • Durable, long-term performance; will not become brittle and crumble
  • Versatility
  • Low-outgassing, non-fogging, non-corrosive
  • Available in very soft to very firm densities
  • Available in various thicknesses
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Superior compressibility and sealing abilities

SRP Is A Preferred Converter Of PORON Polyurethane Gaskets

PORON Polyurethane for compression set resistance

When choosing a foam for your product design, compression set resistance is one of the most important considerations. PORON’s dense structure is made up of uniform microcells that allow it to bounce back to its original shape even after high force compression. PORON’s compression set resistance is comparable to that silicone rubber, which is why it’s a top choice for sealing and cushioning.

What is Compression Force Deflection?

Many materials measure the hardness or firmness by durometer. PORON materials are measured by the Compression Force Deflection (CFD), which shows how much force is needed to compress the material. The goal is to provide engineers and designers with specific data on how the material performs in their chosen application. To get started in choosing the right PORON material for your application, use the Compression Force Deflection (CFD) Curve Tool.

Adhesive-backed PORON

SRP is proud to be one of 60 Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation materials. Being a Preferred Converter means our customers get the best access to materials, competitive pricing, backed by technical training and expertise.

SRP is also a preferred 3M converter partner. Our inventory and technical expertise will ensure the best adhesive, peel and stick backing to create your custom PORON seal.