Custom Sealing Gaskets


SRP fabricates Custom Sealing Gaskets using high quality foam, sponge and rubber materials for customers in a variety of industries.

If your application requires a tight seal, than look no further than SRP to be your custom sealing gaskets provider. We work with a variety of flexible materials for any application. Whether your application needs to provide a seal against outside factors such as rain, snow, and debris, or a seal designed to keep liquids contained in the application such as water, oils, and solvents, we have everything you need to develop the perfect solution to your application.  The applications for gaskets are endless, and they are without a doubt a major factor in the performance of the end product.  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can be applied to all materials if you require your product to adhere to a surface. We stock a wide variety of adhesives that will certainly meet all specs of the project.

Sealing gaskets are ideal for:

  • Indoor / Outdoor applications
  • Environmental seal
  • Waterproofing
  • Dust sealing
  • Resistance to oil and other solvents

Common Applications for sealing gaskets:

  • Lens gasket for handheld devices
  • LCD/LED display gasket
  • Battery enclosure gasket
  • Mechanical seals
  • Fuel and transmission gaskets

Common Materials Used:

SRP: Designing Solutions to Exceed Your Expectations

By employing specialized equipment and providing full-service solutions—from design assistance and prototyping, to acquiring and working with cutting-edge, preferred materials—SRP stands out as a leader in custom gasket fabrication and die and die-less cutting services. Our capabilities allow us to deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions to our customers everyday. We will work with you from the design stage, to material and product sampling, through prototyping and manufacturing. Our facility is set up to handle any size job, large or small.

SRP’s dedicated engineers are available to provide their expertise to assist you with your next project and help you obtain top-quality materials for parts and components that meet your exact specifications.

For more information you can reach SRP at or 847-593-5630.