Custom Silicone Gaskets

A Quality Silicone Gaskets Supplier

Silicone gaskets are highly versatile and are used in many industries for many purposes. Silicone Rubber gaskets are resistant to extreme temperatures, UV and ozone, extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue, have excellent compression set resistance, and meet the most stringent UL flame ratings. Silicone rubber is not only a great material for gaskets, but also for heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions, and insulation.

SRP can custom fabricate products from the following Silicone materials:

At SRP, we can create custom silicone rubber gaskets to meet your specific needs. We are capable of customizing your gasket regardless if it is for the appliance, electronics, automotive, medical, or any other industry. If you are searching for high-quality silicone rubber gaskets, look no further than SRP.

SRP: Designing Solutions to Exceed Your Expectations

Since 1951, we have provided our customers with on-time, high-quality solutions. We have extensive capabilities in manufacturing as well as in design and are well-known for our rapid response times and quality. Our team thrives on problem solving and would be happy to discuss any services and products that we offer, such as custom silicone rubber gaskets. If material samples are required, or prototype services are necessary for product testing, we will work with your team to provide the necessary services.

Customized Solutions for Every Industry

We have more than six decades of expertise in providing custom die-cut solutions to a variety of industries. Whether you need design assistance, material selection, prototyping, slitting, laminating, die cutting, or dieless cutting, our experienced sales, production, and customer service teams are equipped to meet your specific requests.

At SRP, no matter what challenge we are faced with we will deliver customized solutions on-time and on-budget. Talk to us today and let us know how we can personally assist you. Or, for more information, check out our detailed materials data sheets.

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