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3M Polyimide Film Insulators


3M™ Polyimide Film Insulators are engineered to provide reliable performance under high temperatures and other harsh environmental conditions.

Used for a variety of applications requiring temporary or permanent holding – including solder masking; dielectric insulation and gold finger protection. 3M polyimide film tapes are dimensionally stable at high temperatures, and release cleanly without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Available in 3 unique linered configurations to enable die cutting and to give you the ideal balance of performance attributes that include:

  • Outstanding resistance to high temperatures
  • Extremely low electrostatic discharge
  • Solvent and UV resistance
  • Clean release at elevated temperatures

3M™ Polyimide Film Insulators configurations include:

3M™ Non-silicone Polyimide Film Tape 7412B

Key Attributes:
  • High electric insulation performance
  • UV shielding
  • High temperature resistance
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Provides dielectric insulation
  • High temperature electrical applications requiring a tough thin insulating material for use within electronic devices

3M™ Low Static Polyimide Film Tape 5433

Key Attributes:
  • Extremely low electrostatic discharge properties
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Flame retardant and chemical resistant
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Provides dielectric insulation
  • Mask for printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process
  • Release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperature

3M™ General Purpose Polyimide Film Tape 7413TL

Key Attributes:
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperature
  • Flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant
  • High temperature performance reduces adhesive transfer
  • Masking for gold fingers of PCB during wave solder, solder reflow or solder dip process
  • Release surface in fabrication of parts cured at elevated temperatures.

Click Here to view the official data sheet for 3M™ Polyimide Film Tape.


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