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Kapton® Polyimide Films


DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films have set the industry standard in high performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperature, vibration and other demanding environments.

Kapton® polyimide films are anything but ordinary. These films are engineered for long-term performance at extreme temperatures between -450° F to over 500° F over extended periods of time. So, obviously, thermal stability is a major benefit, which is why this film is so widely used in aerospace, electronics, and electrical industries when a high temperature material is required. Kapton® polyimide films possess a unique combination of properties that make it ideal for a variety of applications in a variety of different industries.

Features and benefits:

  • The ability of these films to maintain their tremendous physical, electrical, and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range immensely reduces the need for rework, helping to enable high productivity out of this product.
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures, which helps reduce rework, helping to enable high productivity.
  • Flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant which helps protect surfaces to help reduce replacement costs.
  • Easy to fabricate and die-cut.

Kapton® Polyimide Films Products include:

Kapton® B


DuPont™ Kapton® B polyimide film exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range, with superior dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.


Kapton® CR


DuPont Kapton® CR polyimide film was developed specifically to withstand the damaging effects of “corona,” which can cause ionization and eventual breakdown of an insulation material or system when the voltage stress reaches a critical level.


Kapton® CRC


Kapton® corona resistant film withstands the damaging effects of corona discharge. The corona resistance provides improved service life and operational efficiencies versus conventional insulation materials.


Kapton® FCR


Kapton® FCR is a state-of-the-art wire insulation that will withstand corona discharge while delivering improved long term performance, cost effectively.


Kapton® FCRC


Kapton® FCRC combines corona resistant polyimide film with a heat fusible FEP fluoropolymer film. The corona resistance provides improved service life and operational efficiencies vs conventional insulation materials.


Kapton® FN


DuPont™ Kapton® FN is a general purpose HN film that is coated or laminated on one or both sides with Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer.


Kapton® FPC


DuPont™ Kapton® FPC polyimide film is treated on both sides with excellent balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range.


Kapton® FWN


Kapton® FWN is ideal for demanding magnet wire applications and for difficult-to-wind motors.

Kapton® FWR


Proper insulation design and application of these materials will provide a tough, high dielectric strength insulation with improved hydrolysis resistance compared to other commonly used polyimide containing materials.


Kapton® GS


Kapton® GS film has been specifically designed and manufactured to expand the processing window and improve yields during artificial graphite sheet production.


Kapton® HN


Kapton® HN is the recommended choice for applications that require an all-polyimide film with an excellent balance of properties over a wide range of temperatures.


Kapton® HPP-ST


In applications where low shrinkage and superior adhesion are important, Kapton® HPP-ST is the polyimide film of choice.


Kapton® MT


DuPont™ Kapton® MT polyimide film is a homogeneous film possessing 3x the thermal conductivity and cut through strength of standard Kapton® HN.


Kapton® PRN


DuPont™ Kapton® 150PRN411 is ideal for insulating copper conductor used in high temperature magnet wire applications.


Kapton® PST


Kapton® PST is a tough film that exhibits an excellent balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range, particularly at unusually high temperatures.


Kapton® RS


Kapton® RS is an electrically conductive polyimide film developed for applications in which a precisely controlled surface resistivity is needed.


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