Fabricating Custom Gasket Components to Help Advance the Technology for the Medical Device Industry.

SRP can provide custom fabricated die cut components for a variety of electronic medical devices for the medical industry. Our production capabilities, combined with our knowledge of materials have allowed us to work hand in hand with the engineers who design these devices to help come up with solutions to help make these products more durable, smaller, lighter, and sleeker.

SRP’s products can be used in anything from electrotherapy machines, to X-Ray systems, digital imaging equipment, chiropractic electronics, and more.

We work with the latest and most sought after materials on the market, including certified spec grade materials specific to the medical industry. We also work with hundreds of other non-metallic materials including foam, sponge, rubber, plastic, adhesive tapes, protective films and more.

SRP is a 3M Preferred Converter. We are also an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Our quality of work is held to the highest of standards, exceeding the expectations of our customers. All of the products that leave the door must pass a quality inspection in order for the items to ship. Quality is built in to every aspect of our business. This allows us to build fantastic relationships with our customers by taking the worry out of each and every order.

SRP provides custom gasket solutions in the medical industry for the following products:

  • Electrotherapy Machines
  • X-Ray Systems
  • Digital Imaging Equipment
  • Diagnostics Equipment
  • Cold Laser Equipment
  • Cardiology Equipment
  • Chiropractic Electronics
  • Physical Therapy Electronics
  • Massage Therapy Electronics
  • and more…


SRP: Building Relationships through Converting Solutions Since 1951

For more information, you can reach SRP at or 847-593-5630. To see what other industries we custom fabricate components for, visit our dedicated Markets page. SRP has worked in a variety of markets in the course of its existence since 1951. We are not limited to who we will work with. As long as we can provide the necessary custom parts you need, we will be here to provide our service.