Foam Materials Custom Converted To Your Specifications – Gaskets, Seals, Pads and More

Using the highest quality Foam materials, SRP manufactures custom foam fabrication products for Gasketing, Cushioning, Sealing, Shock Absorption, and Vibration Control. From applications requiring a simple gasket, to heat shielding, insulating, chemical resistance, weather resistance, you name it, we have a solution for your product. We also provide laminating and slitting technologies to make your product better performing and more efficient. SRP works with leading manufacturers in the Foam industry including; Rogers Corporation, Armacell, Saint Gobain, Rubberlite, Nitto Denko, and Griswold.

Here is a list of common materials we convert for foam fabrication services:

PORON® Polyurethane Foam

PORON® Polyurethane foams ensure reliability where cushioning, sealing, impact protection or energy management are ritical to product performance.

HyPUR-cel® Polyurethane Foam

Whether you need products from the I-series of highly resilient, very low compression set products, the S-series foams which offer exceptional elongation and thermal formability, or the T-series of thermo-formable foams, Rubberlite has designed each to offer cost effective solutions to your foam performance requirements.

Visco-cel® Polyurethane Foam

Another high performance foam from Rubberlite is Visco-cel® polyurethane foam featuring slow recovery visco elastic memory performance. From mattress pads, wheelchair seating and much more, Visco-cel® offers superior cushioning and optimum pressure distribution. Choose from a range of hardness to fit your application.

Norseal® Silicone Foam Rubber

Norseal® silicone foam rubber provides excellent flame retardance (UL 94 V-0) with low toxicity and smoke generation in a conformable expanded cellular material. Norseal® F-12 has a modified cell structure and is produced in a low density for light gasketing and insulation applications. Norseal®  F-20 has a finer cell structure (closed cell) and produced in a medium density for Mass Transit and Transportation applications.

Microcellular Urethane Foam 

We work with a variety of cellular urethane foams, but our go to is PORON® micro cellular urethane. PORON® urethane has excellent compression set resistance, which enables durable, long-term performance for gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.

Open Cell Polyurethane Foam 

Flexible open cell polyurethane foam is an extremely versatile flexible material. Polyurethane can address a wide range of application requirements from vibration control in speakers to medical equipment packaging.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam 

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is an aesthetically pleasing material that provides a wide range of performance benchmarks. Volara™, Fuzion™, Plastizote™, Microcell™ and Vizion branded cross-linked polyethylene foam can be laminated a pressure sensitive adhesive and die-cut for use in a variety of applications across many industries. 

Crushed Cellular Foam

Crushed foam has superior resistance to heat and chemicals allows stable and consistent performance over long periods of time. A wide range of types are available depending on usage, from flame retardant to soft or high-compression. The superior performance of crushed foam can be found in industries and products from the automotive industry to home appliances.

Closed Cell EVA Foam 

Closed cell EVA foam is used in a variety of industrial and commercial gasket and sealing applications. EVA foam exhibits good mechanical strength, excellent chemical resistance, high buoyancy, low water absorption, good acoustic properties, and is extremely lightweight. 

Silicone Foam 

We work with a variety of silicone foam materials, but our go to is BISCO®. Enormously versatile and always in demand, Rogers’ collection of BISCO® silicone materials has been specifically developed for use in a wide range of heat shielding and insulating applications.


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We provide our customers with everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need. All foam gaskets products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Many of these materials meet industry specs for the military, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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