3M™ Membrane Switch Spacer


3M™ Membrane Switch Spacer Custom Converted To Your Specifications

3M High Performance Acrylic Adhesive 200MP is a popular choice and industry standard, for graphic attachment and general industrial joining applications. They call these products a membrane switch spacer to provide a much needed separation between circuits.

They provide outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics. 3M Acrylic Adhesive 200MP can perform up to 400⁰F short-term heat resistance, has excellent solvent resistance, and excellent shear strength to resist slippage and edge lifting. Membrane Switch Spacers are great for electronics applications where circuit separation is required.

3M Double Linered 200MP Adhesive Transfer Tape products offer:

  • High adhesive strength for a long-lasting durable bond
  • High cohesive strength to resist lifting and separation especially in harsh environments
  • Smooth adhesive for a uniform graphic appearance
  • Environmental stability for a long-aging performance
  • Moisture stable liner for easy, lay flat processing
  • Easy differential release liners for fast, consistent processing

3M Single Coated Membrane Switch Spacer offers:

  • Smooth adhesive layer for consistent actuation and excellent sealability of switch
  • High adhesive strength to resist moisture penetration, and environmental conditions
  • High cohesive strength to resist lifting and separation especially in harsh environments
  • High temperature resistance to resist splitting in harsh environments
  • High chemical resistance to resist contamination of contacts in harsh environments
  • Heat stabilized polyester for dimensional stability through broad temperature range
  • Moisture stable liners for easy, layflat processing
  • Easy liner release – for fast, consistent processing

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