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Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge


SRP is a leading converter of closed cell sponge rubber materials such as neoprene closed cell sponge rubber. We manufacture high-quality custom neoprene sponge rubber gaskets, seals, and other products for a variety applications and industries to companies around the world.

Neoprene closed cell sponge rubber is a type of material that is ideal for use in applications for resistance against oils, greases, and have moderate outdoor exposure. Due to its material properties, neoprene is able to defend against staining, degradation and corrosion. It can resist the degrading effects of UV rays, ozone, and even moisture from rain and humidity. Being that this material is closed cell, the structure of the material closes itself off from any type of rain or moisture.

Closed cell neoprene sponge rubber has a good level of compression strength, and a durometer between 30-50. It is a great material for industrial and automotive applications. Neoprene can operate in temperatures ranging from -70 – 200°F. This material is ideal for converting into gaskets and seals. All closed cell sponge materials can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

We provide our customers with everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need.

Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Rubber Material Data Sheets:

For more information, you can reach SRP at info@srpco.com or 847-593-5630. Visit our dedicated sponge materials page to learn more about the variety of foam we fabricate at our warehouse here in the USA. If you require any material samples or rapid prototyping in order to run product testing, let us know and we can work to streamline this part of the process.