Neoprene Open Cell Sponge


SRP has decades of converting experience with open cell sponge materials such as Neoprene Open Cell Sponge. Open cell sponge rubber is different from solid rubber in many different ways. During the process of creating rubber, manufacturers will introduce a foaming agent to virtually give the material an air-filled structure to give it that soft, sponge-like property. Neoprene Open Cell Sponge is great for custom gasketing applications.

Now, the primary difference between an open cell and closed cell sponge is the durability and compression rate. This specific type of sponge rubber is made using neoprene material. As a result, this black rubber foam possesses the classic neoprene resistance to oil and ozone. All open cell sponge rubber can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Maintains Shape

One of the great features of Neoprene Open Cell Sponge rubber is its ability to maintain its original shape after being compressed or used. This creates a durable, longer lasting end product.

Resistance to Oil

The neoprene material used to make this open cell sponge is good for applications dealing with oil. Neoprene can resist light oil contact and its damaging effects. While not intended for very heavy oil contact, this black rubber foam will be able to fight off light contact with oils.

Ozone Resistant

One of the other great benefits of neoprene material is its ability to operate in outdoor applications where it has exposure to atmospheric elements such as sunlight and ozone. Ozone can cause serious damage to certain materials, but neoprene can withstand these damaging effects. This particular open cell sponge rubber can be used in temperature conditions as low as -40° F.

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