Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile Sponge


Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile Sponge Custom Converted To Your Specifications – Gaskets, Seals, Pads and More

SRP is a leading converter of closed cell sponge rubber materials such as Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile sponge rubber. We manufacture high-quality custom Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile sponge rubber gaskets, seals, and other products for a variety applications and industries to companies around the world.

Ensolite® Elastomeric Closed-Cell materials are the premier, high-performance, elastomeric closed-cell foam, engineered to meet specific design considerations for fabricated products. The Ensolite® product line offers a broad range of closed-cell foam products such as on Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile for applications in the industrial and automotive markets.

The continuous-roll stock provides economies in fabrication. The Ensolite product line also offers a complete range of density and compression deflection ranges. Elastomeric Component Foam (ECF) products like Ensolite have been tested to various standards and meet many automotive, military or industrial standards. All Ensolite® materials can be supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Ensolite Elastomeric Closed-Cell Foam Characteristics include:

  • Common use for gaskets, seals, cushions, and pads
  • Soft and flexible
  • Shock absorption and anti-fatigue applications
  • Continuous rolls
  • Vertical and horizontal burn
  • Skin on 2 sides available
  • Flame resistance at various thicknesses

Common Neoprene/PVC/Nitrile Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Material Data Sheets:


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We provide our customers with everything from material sampling and product prototyping to full manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. We provide value to our customers by delivering exceptional customer service, engineering solutions, and quality products to meet their every need. All sponge gaskets products can be supplied with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. Many of these materials meet industry specs for the military, automotive, and aerospace industries.

For more information, you can reach SRP at or 847-593-5630.