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PORON® 4701 Series


PORON® 4701 Series for Custom Gasket and Seal Applications

PORON® 4701 Series products incorporate these highly reliable benefits:

PORON® 4701 Series

  • Excellent compression set resistance which enables durable, long-term performance for gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.
  • Low-outgassing and non-fogging, containing no plasticizers or residual chemicals to contaminate the device. The material will not become brittle and crumble and is non-corrosive to metal.
  • Inherently flame retardant without the use of additives. Many of the materials meet flammability requirements of UL94 HBF and MVSS 302.
  • Engineered polyurethane formulations offering a wide modulus range – 2-90 psi @ 25% deflection – for more design versatility requirements.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy to fabricate, die-cuts cleanly and works with a broad range of adhesives
  • Broad range of formulas and thicknesses from 0.012″ to 0.500″ (0.43 mm to 12.7 mm)

PORON® 4701 Formulations

PORON® 4701-30
Very soft and easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement. Standard available thickness range from 0.031″ to 0.500″ (0.79 mm to 12.7 mm)
PORON® 4701-40
Soft material for a wide variety of applications. Standard available thickness range from 0.031″ to 0.500″ (0.79 mm to 12.7 mm).
PORON® 4701-50
Firm material used for managing high energy impact with gasketing needs. Standard available thickness range from 0.012″ to 0.500″ (0.30 mm to 12.7 mm).
PORON® 4701-60
Very firm material used for energy management solutions for enclosure gasketing applications. Standard available thickness range from 0.031”to 0.250” (0.79 mm to 6.35 mm)

Why Choose SRP for Custom Rogers PORON® Polyurethane products?

Since 1951, SRP has served a number of industries. We supply gaskets, heat shields, insulators, isolators, and other related products to electronics, defense, energy, medical, transportation, microelectronics, and other industries. In addition to Rogers PORON® microcellular polyurethanes, we also supply Rogers BISCO® silicones. Both materials can be laminated with pressure sensitive adhesive for custom gasketing and sealing options for a wide array of industries. SRP is also a Preferred Convertor for Rogers’s materials. Do you have questions about PORON®? Feel free to contact us.