PORON® EVExtend Gasket and Seals For The Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market

The growing electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) market has led to great advancements in battery technology. With these advancements come new challenges in protecting and extending battery life. PORON® EVExtend is specifically designed to address the challenges of EV/HEV batteries.

Flat CFD Curve

Pouch cells are designed to have specific force applied that optimizes battery life and performance. Continuous contraction and expansion cycles can cause significant changes in a material’s pushback force.

PORON EVExtend is engineered to have a flat compression force deflection (CFD) curve, with performance that is firmer on the front end and softer on the back end.

Compression Set

With a tight specification of 5% on compression set (per ASTM D3574 at 70⁰C) and additional long term testing (70% compression and 70⁰C), PORON EVExtend is highly resilient and maintains its original thickness and properties throughout the life of the battery.

Compression Force Deflection (CFD)

PORON EVExtend maintains its CFD throughout the lifespan of the battery, with aging having little effect on the CFD performance of PORON EVExtend. Designers can be confident that PORON EVExtend will perform as reliably over the life of the battery as it did on day one.

Long Term Performance

Not only do battery pads need to maintain a constant pushback force across a wide range of compression levels, they also need to perform consistently for the life of the battery. Like all PORON® polyurethane materials, PORON EVExtend provides exceptional and unrivaled long term performance.

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Why Choose SRP as your supplier for PORON® EVExtend Materials?

SRP has been a Preferred Converter for Rogers line of PORON® Polyurethane materials since 1994. Unlike many other converters, we have access to Rogers high-performance materials that come with discounts and favorable lead times. Our partnership has created many solutions for customers across many industries. We stock a wide variety of PORON® materials for customers requiring quick-turn prototyping and production times. These materials can be laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

If you have any questions, or require material samples, please do not hesitate to contact SRP.