PORON® ShockPad


PORON® ShockPad Foam Gaskets and Seals For Smartphones, Tablets and Handheld Devices

PORON® ShockPad Foam has always been a reliable impact solution when used behind gasketless MID displays, in front of printed wiring boards (PWB) and alongside other internal components. Now, with an even thinner profile, ShockPad is more versatile than ever.

The newest smartphones, tablets and other mobile internet devices (MID) are as slim as ever, and designers are being asked to fit even more features and gadgets into these tiny packages. As part of space-saving designs, the display, the printed wiring board, and other electrical components are compacted into very thin spaces. Unfortunately, these components often lack proper impact protection technology. How can Rogers help?

Key Benefits & FeaturesPORON® ShockPad

  • Provides up to 7 times greater impact protection
  • Excellent compression-set resistance
  • Ease of processing to eliminate production delays

Smartphone Impact Testing

The images below were compiled using the following test conditions:

  • Impacting Object: 30.8 g brass ball
  • Height of Drop: 0.3 meters
  • Display Module: 0.5 mm glass on both sides of foam
  • Material Demonstration: 0.3 mm Foam

PORON ShockPad Foam

Competitive Material

Note: The 0.3 mm product is supported with a PET liner and provided with adhesive, while the 0.15 mm and 0.1 mm products are provided on a release PET liner without adhesive.

ASTM Data Sheets

0.10 and 0.15 mm

0.30 mm (Plus Adhesive)

Technical Literature

Why Choose SRP for Custom Rogers PORON® Polyurethane products?

Since 1951, SRP has served a number of industries. We supply gaskets, heat shields, insulators, isolators, and other related products to electronics, defense, energy, medical, transportation, microelectronics, and other industries. In addition to Rogers PORON® microcellular polyurethanes, we also supply Rogers BISCO® silicones. Both materials can be laminated with pressure sensitive adhesive for custom gasketing and sealing options for a wide array of industries. SRP is also a Preferred Convertor for Rogers’s materials. Do you have questions about PORON®? Feel free to contact us.