Reciprocating Knife Cutting


SRP has been manufacturing custom gasket solutions for customers in a variety of industries since 1951.

SRP’s die-less reciprocating knife cutting table is the ultimate, cost-effective solution for small and medium production runs. Utilizing an oscillating knife, and a cutting area of 1550mm x 3050mm, this system is the perfect solution for larger gaskets and shapes. Reciprocating knife cutting is also ideal for rapid prototyping.

The powerful yet easy to use control software with the cutting-edge automatic, interactive nesting software are key components to the Flashcut’s points of strength, making it the ideal cutting solution for SRP’s diverse set of customers, allowing us to convert a variety of non-metallic materials.

Advantages of Reciprocating Knife Cutting:

  • Speed, accuracy, and reliability
  • Ideal for small to medium production runs
  • Cost-effective
  • No tooling costs
  • Rapid prototyping


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