Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter


SRP is proud to be a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter for their line of PORON® Polyurethane and BISCO® Silicone materials.

The benefits of being a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter:

  • Materials Access – Access to high-performance products, including PORON® materials, for our customers.
  • Employee Training – We maintain our expertise through on-site training provided by Rogers Corporation.
  • Networking – Using Rogers’ extensive network allows us to work more efficiently in all areas of our business.
  • Extended Customer Benefits – We receive discounts and favorable lead times, which we extend to our customers.
  • Support – As a Preferred Converter, SRP is supported by a team of Rogers Corporation sales representatives.

PORON® Polyurethane foams ensure reliability where cushioning, sealing, impact protection or energy management are critical to product performance.

  • Resistance to Stress Relaxation and Compression Set – Durable, long-term performance for gasketing, sealing, and cushioning.
  • Energy Absorption – High resiliency, good vibration isolation and impact absorption.
  • Low Outgassing – No plasticizers to to migrate, non-corrosive to metal, environmentally safe and clean.
  • Broad Temperature Range – Reliable performance from -40ºC to 90ºC.
  • Chemical Resistance – Information on material exposure to acids, bases, organic fluids, automotive fluids and household fluids.
  • Flame Retardant – Many of the materials meet flammability requirements of UL HBF and MVSS 302.
  • Easy to Fabricate – Die-cuts cleanly and readily accepts adhesive without surface preparation.
  • Product Consistency – Quality manufacturing resulting in reliable, consistent material properties.
  • Broad Product Offering – Wide range of firmness, density, thickness and color options.
  • Quality – All products are supported by knowledgeable Rogers sales Applications Engineers, Technical Service and Customer Service Representatives.


BISCO® Silicones are a full line of cellular, solid, and specialty materials produced in roll-stock to be fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions and insulation for a wide variety of applications.

BISCO® Silicone materials offer:

  • Superior flame resistance
  • Low flame, smoke and toxicity upon combustion
  • Excellent performance at extreme temperatures
  • Superior resistance to compression set and creep