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SRP’s sales, design and engineering teams are composed of experienced problem solvers. Working closely with our clients, we design the best solution for each application.

The company was founded with the goals of manufacturing the highest quality custom products, and providing the best service possible. This promise has allowed the company to succeed for more than six decades.

Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting is a fast, cost-effective process for converting sheets or rolls of non-metallic, flexible materials into custom parts and components such as gaskets and other shapes of various sizes with speed and accuracy. SRP uses a wide variety of state-of-the-art, mechanical, electrically driven, and hydraulic die-cutting systems utilizing steel rule, precision steel, compound and progressive dies capable of running small to large production runs.

We use only the highest quality tools made by local die manufacturers. Depending on the cutting method and materials used, we can hold tolerances ranging from .005 – .015. Part sizes can range anywhere from millimeters, up to 30 inches.

Die-cut components can be provided with holes or punches, and can be scored, kiss-cut, and supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive for a part that can adhere to just about anything.

Advantages of Precision Die Cutting:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Low tolerance precision cutting
  • Perfect for medium to large production runs
  • Cost effective
  • Low cost tooling

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Reciprocating Knife Cutting

SRP’s Flashcut die-less knife cutting table is the ultimate, cost-effective solution for small and medium production runs. Utilizing an oscillating knife, and a cutting area of 1550mm x 3050mm, this system is the perfect solution for larger gaskets and shapes. The Flashcut is also ideal for rapid prototyping.

The powerful yet easy to use control software with the cutting-edge automatic, interactive nesting software are key components to the Flashcut’s points of strength, making it the ideal cutting solution for SRP’s diverse set of customers, allowing us to convert a variety of non-metallic materials.

Advantages of Reciprocating Knife Cutting:

  • Speed, accuracy, and reliability
  • Ideal for small to medium production runs
  • Cost-effective
  • No tooling costs
  • Rapid prototyping

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Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is a versatile fabrication process, and is used in a number of manufacturing processes to cut, form and shape sheet or rolled non-metallic materials. A highly accurate and speedy process, rotary die cutting functions well on high volume projects, producing little waste and featuring quick turnover times. 

The rotary die cutting machines are composed of a heavy cylindrical anvil with a customized die which roles over a flat, depressed surface containing the female die features. The machine is fed materials, either from a spindle roll or flat individual pieces, which then passes through the rolling die. This cuts or perforates the desired shape from the material and deposits the finished shape down a line, while removing the scrap material.

Because the control of the anvil can be very precise, we can control the type and depth of cut from the die. Rotary die cutting performs very well in situations where the cutting material doesn’t have to touch the fabrication liner, called “kiss cutting.” It can perform high production runs with little waste.

Advantages of Rotary Die-Cutting:

  • High volume projects of consistent cut
  • Producing less waste than other, comparable methods
  • Low tolerance precision cutting
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Multiple process projects

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Laser Cutting

SRP provides laser cutting services for projects where ultra-close tolerances are desired. Unlike other die-cutting services, laser cutting uses a focused beam to fabricate customer specified materials into custom shapes and sizes.

Laser cutting is ideal for applications where accuracy and speed are critical. It is also frequently used for quick, initial prototyping.

Advantages of Laser Cutting:

  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Ultra-close tolerances
  • No tooling costs
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Perfect for small run projects

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Waterjet Cutting

Using SRP’s Waterjet cutting services, custom shapes and parts can be cut with a whole new level of accuracy and reliability. Streams of water, pressurized at up to 50,000 psi, create a jet of water that travels over 2.5 times the speed of sound.

Released through a precision orifice as small as 0.003 inches in diameter, the jet forms a stream, which quickly and precisely cuts through a wide range of custom selected materials from the softest elastomers to rigid plastics.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting:

  • Accuracy and reliability
  • Ideal for cutting thicker materials
  • Can cut through plastics and high durometer materials
  • No tooling costs

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Custom Lamination + Slitting

SRP specializes in technologies to laminate, slit and rewind heat-activated or cold-bond adhesive products to foam, sponge, rubber, cork, adhesive & non-adhesive tapes, textiles, and similar materials.

We can combine single or multi-layer lamination, liner removal, slitting & rewinding in wide web or narrow widths, and sheeting. A Class 10,000 clean room environment is optional.

Our automatic log slitters have advanced control systems which results in a higher degree of slitting accuracy and overall performance. These robust machines are ideally suited for converting a wide range of materials in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths from 1/4″ to 72″.

We also offer score cutting, shear cutting, razor cutting, and automatic roll rewinding.

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Rapid Prototyping

One of our favorite aspects of this business is when we are challenged by our customers to come up with a design to meet their needs. SRP’s capabilities, coupled with our customer service, enables us to provide rapid prototyping to our customers.

SRP has long standing relationships with many of our material suppliers, and we stock a wide variety of these materials in our warehouse. With our advanced die-less cutting equipment and in-house design engineers, SRP will be quick to acquire and convert non-metallic materials for your next project, current product updates and everything in between.

Quality Certified

SRP builds quality into all segments of the business. Being ISO certified means we live up to critical management standards. These standards provide guidance and tools for companies and organizations that want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.