Our Services:

Adhesive Backed Specialties

SRP provides adhesive backed services for customers who require their custom gaskets, seals, or strips to adhere to various substrates.

Automatic Slitting

SRP's Single Knife Lathe Slitter is the ideal automatic slitting machine for a variety of small to large diameter materials.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting leaves the finished part on a removable liner, making the parts extremely easy to handle during assembly. 

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is ideal when accuracy and speed is critical. Perfect for rapid prototyping and part sampling.

Precision Die Cutting

SRP has been providing custom die-cutting services for customers in a variety of industries since 1951.      

Reciprocating Knife Cutting

SRP’s die-less reciprocating knife cutting table is the ultimate, cost-effective solution for small and medium production runs.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is ideal for high volume jobs. Finished parts are supplied kiss cut on a roll.

Waterjet Cutting

Using SRP’s Waterjet cutting services, custom shapes and parts can be cut with a whole new level of accuracy and reliability.