Custom Packaging for a Medical Company Using High Density Foam for the Ultimate Protection

Customer Challenge

A medical company came to us looking for a custom packaging solution to protect their high priced medical devices during transit.

The technological advancement for medical devices and electronics continue to become smaller, thinner, and essentially hand held.

Being that these devices are so valuable, it was important for our customer to feel comfortable when shipping their products to various hospitals.

SRP Solution

SRP is not historically known to manufacture custom packaging, but our capabilities allow us to offer value added, high-quality services to t our customer demands.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art waterjet machine, we were able to custom cut slots of various sizes into high-density foam to eliminate breakage during transit. The waterjet is able to cut high density foam up to 3” thick.


The high density foam was very effective at securing the medical devices, not to mention extremely cost effective. Now our customer can safely and conveniently ship their products worldwide.

Process Used: Waterjet Cutting  Materials Used: High Density Foam