Further Improving the Home Improvement Industry by Optimizing the Function of a Protective Gasket.

Customer Challenge

We were contacted by a customer in the home improvement industry asking for assistance with a challenging product design for an industrial application.

They were using a design that called for a plastic molded gasket protective cover adhered to closed cell sponge on both sides. The plastic offered a wear surface and the sponge, a cushion.

The challenge was to design a part that would offer superior resistance to prolonged usage, while still maintaining its performance over an extended period of time.

SRP Solution

In an effort to manufacture a product that suited their every need, we offered them a thicker closed cell sponge gasket cover with cut-outs inserted using 3M Bumpon material.

The 3M Bumpon material provided the wear surface required and eliminated the need for the molded plastic piece thus reducing the overall cost.


By working closely with our customer, we were able to design a superior product that was not only better performing, but also more cost effective. This product was tested by their research and development team, and will begin production soon.

Process Used: Lamination + Flash Cutting  Materials Used: 3M Bumpon Resilient Rollstock + Closed Cell Sponge + Adhesive