Preventing Hairline Cracks from Forming When Assembling Metal and Plexiglas

Customer Challenge

One of our customers making aftermarket parts for a motorcycle manufacturer was having difficulties with a windshield application during their assembly process.

When assembling the base of the windshield to metal brackets on the motorcycles, it was creating hairline cracks in the Plexiglas®.

This was obviously a major quality issue, especially when the business model of the company they are selling to maintains the highest quality assurance.

SRP Solution

As convertors, we understand that when two objects or parts are being put together, there usually needs to be a separation such as a gasket to aid in the force or tension being created.

SRP recommended separating the steel and Plexiglas® with a microcellular urethane gasket to prevent cracks from being created in the Plexiglas®.


Due to the simplicity of the part, it was an extremely cost effective solution that worked wonders for their product.

The part also provided seamless integration in the assembly process, and the change was virtually unnoticeable due to the thickness of the microcellular urethane.

Since this material does not take a compression set, the product will last for the duration of the final product.

Equipment Used: Rotary Die Cutter | Flash Cutter  Materials Used: Rogers PORON®