Seeking Improvements in the Material Handling Process Through the Use of High Performance Adhesives

Customer Challenge

A customer in the appliance industry contacted us with a sealing application that required applying an adhesive to a cellular urethane substrate.

The requirements for this adhesive were that they provided a quick initial tack combined with clean removability leaving no residue. It would also be ideal if the adhesive had a thin polyester lm carrier for a stronger hold and ease of use.

SRP Solution

Our recommendation for the customer was to offer 3M™ 442F as the ideal adhesive for this particular application. The 442F™ features a thin polyester lm carrier that provides dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die-cutting and laminating. 442F™ comes standard with 3M™ Adhesive 830.

The 830 is a firm rubber adhesive system that provides a combination of good adhesion, good temperature performance, good solvent resistance and good quick stick to a wide variety of materials as well as clean removability from many surfaces.


After testing and prototyping, the customer agreed that this adhesive was exactly what they were looking for. The performance of the product we provided held up to stability and handling specifications, making their processes more efficient.

Process Used: Laminator + Flatbed Punch Press/Steel Rule Die  Materials Used: 3M™ 442F Adhesive