Utilizing a Sealing Gasket to Keep Unwanted Evironmental Debris From Damaging a Telecommunications Cabinet

Customer Challenge

This company was seeking a product for their telecommunications cabinets. These cabinets are built in two separate sections, and then the sections are pieced together at the end of assembly to form one enclosure.

For this, they needed a gasket that would create a seal between the two sections that wouldn’t affect the integrity of the cabinet.

SRP Solution

Closed cell sponge rubber with a rubber-based adhesive was the perfect candidate for this application for multiple reasons.

Since the application was non-critical, the material did not require specific properties other than seal- ing out water, rain, and dust. Also, considering the seal will never have to be broken, compression set was a non-factor.


A sponge sealing gasket is all that was needed to protect the cabinets from the outside environment. Simple solution to a pesky issue. The combination of materials, coupled with our manufacturing process, allowed us to offer them the highest performing, lowest cost solution.

Equipment Used: Lamination | Automatic Log Slitting  Materials Used: Closed Cell Sponge Rubber + Rubber Based Adhesive