Thermal Gap Pads


Custom Thermal Gap Pads are the perfect substitute for replacing thermal grease and thermal paste.

Thermal Gap Pads are an extremely important to providing safety by eliminating the possibility of an electrical fire, and are also important to providing longevity to finished electronic products by keeping the internal components from wear and tear due to high temperatures cause by the circuit board. Thermal Gap Pad provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices where uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures are present.

Thermal Gap Pads are the perfect substitute for replacing thermal grease and thermal paste. Gap Filling Pads are more consistent and effective compared to the greases and pastes. The pads are also way less of a mess, and simplify the assembly process.  Gap filler pads are inherently tacky which allows them to be adhered in place for fast installation. Thermal Gap Pads are a manufactured in sheets, allowing for easy handling and converting for SRP. We can fabricate sheets into specific shapes and dimensions to fit your exact application.

Thermal Gap Pads provide:

  • Elimination of air gaps to reduce thermal resistance
  • High conformability to reduce interfacial resistance
  • Low-stress vibration dampening
  • Compatible with automated dispensing equipment

Common Applications:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Power conversion
  • Between heat-generating semiconductors or magnetic components and a heat sink
  • Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame, chassis, or other type of heat spreader

Common Materials:

  • Thermally Conductive Interface Pads
  • Thermal Gap Pads
  • Thermal Tapes + Adhesives
  • Thermal Gap Fillers 

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