Vibration Damping Pads


Vibration pads can be fabricated out of materials such as a closed cell sponge, rubber and PORON® urethane foams, which can efficiently and economically control structure-born noise and resonant vibration.

Vibration Isolation pads can be used to reduce noise, high frequency vibration and impact from machinery. The most common applications have these pads placed under machinery, grinders, compressors, metal panel enclosures or other common sources of high intensity noise levels for vibration and shock control such as planes, trains, and automobiles. These vibration control pads are available in various thickness, size and weight rating to meet an array of needs.

Vibration Pads will:

  • Improve Vibration Isolation Efficiency
  • Provide Long Term Durability
  • Increase Long Term Stability
  • Meet a wide variety of design requirements
  • Offer ease of Installment

Common Applications for Vibration Pads:

  • Anti-Vibration Pads for equipment
  • Flat Elastic bearings for HVAC equipment and subsystems (fans, chillers, pumps)
  • Decoupling of vents, pipes and walls
  • Isolating Foundations for pumps, presses, generators or highly sensitive equipment
  • Noise, Vibration, Harshness Pads for, Automotive Interior Applications
  • Isolating the foundations of buildings

Common Materials used for Vibration Pads:


SRP: Custom Gasket Fabrication and Die-Cutting Solutions

SRP also custom fabricates Vibration Dampening Gaskets for more intricate projects.

By employing specialized equipment and providing full-service solutions—from design assistance and prototyping, to acquiring and working with cutting-edge, preferred materials—SRP stands out as a leader in custom gasket fabrication and die and dieless cutting services.

SRP’s dedicated engineers are available to provide their expertise to assist you with your next project and help you obtain top-quality materials for parts and components that meet your exact specifications.

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