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We fashion customer-specified materials into predefined shapes and sizes—and we do it well.

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SRP is that classic family-owned business model that relies on a personal approach and die-hard mentality toward delivering on a great experience for our clients.
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Precision can make or break a project

You can rely on SRP to consistently deliver a level precision and accuracy that exceeds industry standards. How? Over 60 years of experience and a unique dedication to every project.

Our Services

Precision Die Cutting

SRP uses a wide variety of flywheel, mechanical and hydraulic Punch Presses utilizing Steel Rule, Precision Steel, Compound and Progressive Dies.

Reciprocating Knife Cutting

SRP’s die-less knife cutting table is the ultimate solution for small and medium production runs. With a large cutting area, this system is the perfect solution for gaskets of any size and shape.

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting is used to fabricate non-metallic materials, typically in roll form into custom shapes and parts. 

Waterjet Cutting

Using SRP’s Waterjet cutting system, custom shapes and parts can be cut with a whole new level of accuracy and reliability.

Laser Cutting

SRP provides laser cut components for projects where ultra-close tolerances are desired. Unlike other die-cutting processes, laser cutting uses a focused beam to fabricate customer specified materials into custom shapes and sizes.

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a process where adhesive-backed elastomeric materials are cut through, but the laminated backing paper is not. Perfect for peel and stick applications.

Advanced Automatic Slitting

Our automatic log slitters have an advanced control system, which results in a higher degree of slitting accuracy and overall performance. This robust machine is ideally suited for converting a wide range of materials in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths.

Adhesive Backed Specialties

Many of the materials we work with can be custom laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive specific to each application. Combines single or multi-layer lamination, liner removal, slitting & rewinding in wide web or narrow widths, and sheeting. A Class 10,000 clean room environment is also available.

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