Gasketing + Cushioning + Sealing


SRP offers a wide variety of high performance materials, custom fabricated to your specifications.

We have produced custom gaskets for a variety of applications including:

  • Sealing
  • Impact and Shock Absorption
  • Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle
  • Vibration Damping and Isolation
  • Sound Blocking and Absorption
  • Or anything that needs a tight seal


If your application requires a tight seal, than look no further than SRP to be your custom sealing gaskets provider. Whether your application needs to provide a seal against outside factors such as rain, snow, and debris, or a seal designed to keep liquids contained in the application such as water, oils, and solvents, we have everything you need to develop the perfect solution to your application.

Sealing gaskets are ideal for:

  • Indoor / Outdoor applications
  • Environmental seal
  • Waterproofing
  • Dust sealing
  • Resistance to oil and other solvents

Impact + Shock Absorption

When motorized equipment, such as electric motors, fans or pumps, is mounted to a solid structure, energy can be transferred from the equipment to the structure in the form of vibration and shock. This vibration often radiates from the structure as audible noise and potentially reduces performance or damages equipment. Most portable electronics, CD drives and vehicle-mounted electronics are especially sensitive to vibration and shock and must be isolated from that energy to ensure proper performance.

SRP provides Impact & Shock Absorption solutions including:

  • Squeak, Rattle & Noise
  • Vibration Dampening & Isolation Control
  • Sound Blocking & Absorption.

Buzz + Squeak + Rattle

Vibration between mating components can lead to objectionable sounds that reduce the perceived quality of a product. Hybrid Electric Vehicles, for instance, have significantly quieter engines. This means the noise being generated by poor door seals or vibrating parts is no longer masked. PORON Urethane Foams reduce BSR (buzz, squeak, and rattle) and provide improved NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) characteristics. Their unique formulation will not take a set or relax, maintaining an effective seal over the life of the product. Custom vibration isolation products can severely improve the quality of end products.

Vibration Isolation

Most noise caused from vibration occurs because of friction or impact. Temperature, humidity, product age, and load environment impact the amount of buzz, squeak and rattle. PORON Urethane Foams provide excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), and exhibit high resiliency, good vibration damping, and impact absorption. This extends the life of the product by continuing to seal and absorbing shock.

SRP takes raw materials, and converts them to customer exact specifications to create a perfect fitting part for the application. We will work with your team to select the optimum material for your project. If you require material samples, we can ship them to your door with or without adhesive. SRP stocks samples of virtually all PORON materials on the market in a variety of thicknesses. We also offer rapid prototyping services for product samples if product testing is required.

Sound Blocking + Absorption

As airlines and railways look to improve the customer experience, unique materials are available to support new design techniques for reducing noise levels. Cellular silicone foams have excellent memory, making them a long-term solution to reducing vibration-induced noise in interiors. BISCO® Silicones reduce vibration and are designed to meet stringent standards for extreme temperatures and flames – A2 Sound Barrier, HT-200 Sound block, and MF1™ Bun Silicones.

Flammability, Smoke Density, & Toxicity Standards

Materials used to isolate the vibration of interior components or block outside noise must meet FAR 25.853 and FAR 25.856 standards. BISCO A2 Silicone sound barrier is used to reduce cabin noise. It provides excellent barrier performance while exceeding aircraft industry standards for flammability, smoke density, and toxicity.


Silicone-based polymers maintain physical properties over a wide temperature range (temperature stability) and have great environmental resistance, specifically, very low water absorption. BISCO HT-200 sound block materials are specifically designed to reduce the transmission of sound within the interior spaces while inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke.

True absorption and dissipation are provided by materials that are porous to “capture” sound pressure wave energy as it bounces around inside a cell and eventually loses its mechanical energy to penetrate. BISCO materials have a unique open cell structure that produces a breathable foam that will not break down with continual use.

Damping + Isolation

For travelers, comfort and satisfaction are due, in large part, to low levels of noise damping and vibration. In vehicles, noise can be significantly lowered by reducing the transmission of structure-borne vibration and airborne sound from the road or tracks to the passenger compartment via the floor. BISCO® Silicones are reactive solutions to noise that block the path of sound and vibration into the vehicle.

For portable products that might be dropped or otherwise impacted, such as cell phones and laptops, shock resistance is an important aspect of durability. You can design in resistance to shock by using strong, lightweight materials; rugged mechanical joints and electric connections; and well-designed cushions. PORON® Urethane Foams provide excellent resistance to compression set (collapse), and exhibit high resiliency, good vibration damping, and impact absorption.

Common Noise Damping + Isolation applications include:

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Automobiles
  • Cellular Devices
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Electronic Devices

For more information on custom gaskets, visit our Custom Gaskets page!