3M Adhesive Tapes

From repositionable to permanent, 3M adhesive tape can be readily matched to the substrate and stress characteristics needed in the joint. Our custom fabricated 3M adhesives and tapes products can provide many solutions to countless applications using an array of different types of materials. Some of these solutions and benefits are listed below.
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  • Easy to die-cut, fabricate
  • Replace Mechanical Fasteners
  • Join Dissimilar Materials
  • Increase Speed and Productivity¬†
  • Improve appearance and aesthetics
  • Speed up your overall assembly process and improve product aesthetics
  • Enhance the performance of hard-to-bond surfaces and solve adhesion challenges
  • 3M adhesive tape is generally hidden between the bonded substrates, offering nearly invisible fastening
  • SRP has been a Preferred Converter of 3M products for over 25 years.

SRP Is A Preferred Converter Of 3M Adhesive Tapes